McKenzie Levi 

McKenzie Levi is a Crusader, independent political candidate, project manager, musician, producer, writer, and public safety element in Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio.  

McKenzie began appearing as the Crusader in Cleveland in 2017 as he committed full time to the Crusader attire and mission of keeping his city safe.  He is known for doing in person public safety at protests, riots, and other local events, but he also is also active in challenging officials at all levels of government.  As he has confronted and debilitated the antifa street mobs and the agenda driven politicians in his area, he will do the same to the communists who have taken over our government and are destroying the country with blatantly illogical policy.   He will combat the evil elements that have infiltrated and subverted our schools, churches, media, and all levels of government.  He will break the left's control of language and he will shut down those who are calling for revolution while disarming the citizens.  He will solve the opiate crisis.  He will restore your rights from the pandemic initiated prison state.  He will maintain your rights to privacy and consent in the scenario of ever increasing surveillance, frequency, and medical technologies (No forced vaccines.  No mandatory digital ID mark).  He will expose, protect you from, and shut down the machinations and trickery of the nwo.  He will continue to work to eliminate the political barriers exclusive to independent candidates and end the disfunction caused by the two party system. 

McKenzie Levi will be a candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive in 2022.        

Some of his work can be seen below and accessed in the tabs:

Keep Lakewood Beautiful Board Member in Lakewood, OH(2018-2020)

Downtown Street Issue Committee Chairman in Willow Creek, CA (2014)

Warehouse Manager and Forklift Operator in West Hollywood, CA (2013/14)

Manager and Bartender at Night Clubs in New Orleans French Quarter (2012)

Actor and Extra in films, commercials, tv, internet, and music videos (2010 - current)

Construction and Property Manager in Indianapolis, IN (2006-2010)

General Contractor (2004 - current)

Bachelors Degree in Communication - University At Buffalo

Men's Division 1 and 2 Rugby Player - Indianapolis, IN (2007 - 2010)

Public Safety Task Force Founder (2017 - current)

Historical Martial Arts Club Founder (2017 - current)

US Congressional Candidate Ohio District 09 (2018,2020)