"Crusade" (Screenplay) - A story of the First Crusade . From the Pope's address in 1095, to the siege of Jerusalem in 1099, this historical action adventure provides a concise history of the First Crusade by weaving the story of the actual leaders of the military pilgrimage with a group of fictional lay people and soldiers. *Warning: Includes violence.


"The Watcher Of Willow Creek" (Book) - Before he was the knight, he was the Watcher of Willow Creek. This short novel follows McKenzie's adventure in the woods and town of Willow Creek in Humboldt County, California where he was tasked with managing a swathe of woodland occupied by transients attracted to the cannabis industry.  Full novel available:


"Crusader-Phobia" (Book) - Autobiographical account of how McKenzie became the Crusader including his transition into full time medieval garb, his archaeological adventure seeking the Ark of the Covenant, fighting Antifa in Cleveland, and the 2018 Kent State Open Carry Walk.