McKenzie Levindofske/McKenzie Levi/Mac Levi

McKenzie Levindofske grew up in Buffalo, New York and Cleveland, Ohio with interests in skateboarding, wrestling, hardcore music, and developed an affinity for the Crusades while in college.  McKenzie attended the University at Buffalo during which he also began working in residential construction which he continued after graduating, becoming a project manager for a large construction and property management company in Indianapolis, IN. While in Indianapolis, McKenzie played for the Indianapolis men's rugby club, had a band, and was contracted with a talent agency.  Following the housing market crash, McKenzie began pursuing a career in entertainment, studying and working in a television, film, and video projects in Austin, then New Orleans, and then Hollywood.  McKenzie then moved to Humboldt County, Northern California where he took on the role of volunteer public safety by cleaning and managing the woods and street issues for a small town called Willow Creek.  Following the successful but dangerous endeavor in North California, Mckenzie moved back to Cleveland to assist his family.  It was in Cleveland, McKenzie began sword training and medieval reenactment and then adopted the Crusader attire as his full time outfit.  In 2017, after noticing vandalism and dangerous activity in the parks in downtown Cleveland, McKenzie opted to begin a volunteer cleanup and patrol, this time as the Crusader Knight.  After noticing an uptick in protest activity and seeing footage of antifa groups active in other cities, McKenzie began providing public safety at protests in an effort to curb the activity and development of local antifa.  This drew him negative attention from the leftist media and an online and physical campaign was launched against him.  In spite of physical and character attacks and the new dangers that have arisen in the protest scene since the riot of May 2020, McKenzie has continued to operate as public safety, working at protests and behind the scenes to keep things non-violent.  Like any knight, McKenzie is active in the politics in his area, regularly appearing at the city council meetings where he often voices his unique comments on issues affecting the city.  He has been a volunteer with Lakewood's beautification board, the Cleveland Soldiers and Sailor's Monument, Old Stone Church's Habitat For Humanities crew, is active in the medieval reenactment scene, and still walks around and picks up litter.   McKenzie continues to work in entertainment as a recording and video artist, producing original songs, music videos, and documentaries about his experiences.

He has run for multiple offices to offer an alternative option to voters.  He is  running for Cuyahoga County Executive in NorthEast Ohio in 2022.