Music Video by Last Crusade, McKenzie's CrusaderCore band

"Holy War" by Last Crusade 

A Crusader-core single filled with breakdowns and battle cries.  Video comprised of Gustav Dore's deptictions of the Crusades and lyrics.

Crusader Space Militia Show -  Episode 2 "Mars Mission"

The Space Crusaders take their space castle all the way to Mars where they encounter insufferable space celebs and the ghosts of martian dinosaurs.

"Call To Battle" by Last Crusade 

Crusader-core single recounts the Pope's call to Crusade in 1095

Last Crusade - "Music For Crusading" 

EP includes Crusader-core versions of "Last Crusade", "Call To Battle", and "Holy War"

Crusader Space Militia Show - Episode 1

Meet the Space Crusaders (played by McKenzie Levi) as they travel through space in a 12th century castle while mocking modern space travel.   Includes performance of "Last Crusade" by the Last Crusade band.

"Last Crusade" (King's Court Version) - Single by McKenzie Levi featuring Megan Ruggiero, Evan Crouse, and PBapes (2021)

CLE Protest 2020 (2021) - Short comedy reality series that follows McKenzie, the Crusader Knight reenactor in 2020 as he attempts to keep order on the streets of Cleveland after a riot rocks the city and new protest organizers emerge to cause mischief in the name of social justice. (3 episodes *contains mild violence, foul language, and property destruction)


The Order OF The City (2019) - This short documentary follows Crusader enthusiast McKenzie Levi as he faces off against communist protesters and antifa in Cleveland, Ohio (2017-2019 footage) and at the 2018 Kent State Open Carry Walk.   (*contains mild violence and foul language)


Sword Fight Society  (2020) - This short documentary follows McKenzie's loosely regulated medieval sparring club in 2017.  In 2020 members recount their dangerous encounters in the club.  (*contains violence)


McKenzie Levi - "Up At Night" (Music Video) (2020)


McKenzie Levi - "Overboard" (single) (2020)


McKenzie Levi - "Holding A Sign" (Music Video) (2019)


McKenzie Levi - "Party" Full EP (2020) 1. Holding A Sign  2. Up At Night  3. Party  4.Sometimes You Can't Go Home Again